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Tanner McGinty

Tanner McGinty

Would you mind introducing yourself? My name is Tanner McGinty, I’m 32 years old and currently live in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I practice Emergency Medicine as a profession and photography as a passion.

Tanner’s Instagram - @tanner.photo


Where are you from, and where do you currently live? I grew up in a small town in Texas, moved to Arkansas for college, then to Nashville for a few years and now back to Arkansas. I was surrounded by creative people, mostly in the music world, during my time in Nashville and I think that gave me some creative license. I have always fought the internal battle of medicine vs art. Over the years and especially in Nashville, I finally gave in to the fact that photography will always be a part of my life. I can’t help it; I need it to keep part of my brain alive.


How would you describe your style of photography? I’m still figuring it out and I’m ok with that. Basically, I feel like I’m just trying to document life in a creative and interesting way. I want to echo light back to where I can see it again later. I want to be a life photographer.


When did you first fall in love with taking photos? In high school, I started trying to document things with video cameras, and in college, I discovered still photography. I was largely introduced by my friend Bobby Neptune, who you will see in some of these photos. He’s still taking photos, now making his living doing it in East Africa. My first camera was an old Canon Rebel 35mm film camera that had been my mom’s. The lens had to physically be held in place because the attachment had broken, but I loved learning with that old thing and I’ll never forget getting back that first roll.


Do you have a favourite photography related memory, whether it be in front or behind the camera? Many of my favourites come as surprises. One was back in early 2017: my wife and I decided to get away for a week, and she booked a house on the beach in Oregon. I didn’t know much about the place but took a couple cameras, and it turned out that our place was just a short walk to Cape Kiwanda, a beautiful spot on the coast. I woke early before the sun each morning and took some of my favourite photos to date. No planning, just capturing life.


Who/What inspires your photography? Honestly, I get very little inspiration from photographers. I’m mostly inspired by my friends that are using whatever creative gifts they have to produce something beautiful or meaningful through some creative process. My wife started a home decor business and her creativity in turning cold spaces into warm homes inspires me. One of my friends makes beer. I have several friends from Nashville who are musicians and I get very inspired by them. One of them is on a huge world tour and I just got to document the tail end of their North America run, which was fun and really inspires me want to keep creating. And Bobby, who first introduced me to photography, continues to inspire me as he pushes to keep getting better. I got to take a trip with him in Kenya last year, photographing him as he photographed wildlife from a paraglider. It was cool to say the least.


What kind of camera do you use? I’m currently shooting only film, trying to hone my skills and explore a more physical medium. Right now I shoot a pair of old Nikon FM2’s and make portraits with a Hasselblad 501CM.


What's your editing process like? With film, pretty minimal. I want my images to FEEL good more than I want them to look technically perfect.


Are there any tips you would like to give to anyone out there who would love to create similar style photos to yours? If you’re shooting film, overexpose.


Who are some of your favourite photographers? Steve McCurry.


Are there any photographers here on Instagram that you wish more people knew about? @bobbyneptune


What would be your number one dream destination for a photography adventure? Peruvian Andes.


Which time of year is your favourite for taking photographs? There’s no place in the world like the Ozarks in Autumn.


The coolest place you've ever been? Patagonia. It’s everything you hope it is x1000.


Do you have any upcoming photography trips/sessions that you would like to share? As I am writing this, I just sent off about 20 rolls of film from a 4 day trip with some old friends from Nashville that are now in a band called LANY (@thisislany). I’ve never done “band photography” and that’s not my intention, I’m just hoping to capture some life.


Anything extra you would like to share? Ya. Photography is intimidating in our current time. I hope it becomes less so. I like Hippo because it showcases all kinds of photographers and I hope this interview gives people one more reason to do something creative, regardless of how many followers will see it. I’m learning that art is a necessary part of life for all of us, even if you’re not “artistic”. I hope that people seeing my photos, which are far from “perfect”, will go take some of their own and find some relief in the process. Thanks for letting me share.

Tanner’s Instagram - @tanner.photo

Tanner’s Website - https://www.tanner-photo.com/

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