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Elena Gimeno

Elena Gimeno

Would you mind introducing yourself? Hi, I'm Elena Gimeno, a photographer from Madrid, Spain. I still live and work here, when I'm not travelling :)

Elena’s Instagram - @elegede


When did you first fall in love with taking photos, and what does photography means to you? I started taking photography seriously eight years ago, when my parents got divorced, and it's no coincidence. I needed to express many things, but none of us were able to speak about it. Since then I explore through my projects the relationship with the different members of my family, what home means, and the importance of the places, trying to show the relationship between space and emotions. I want to go from the personal to the universal. So I do what I call “therapeutic photography”. This had for me different stages: from photographing my family and house, physically, to represent it through other things. And now I am travelling around the world and trying to figure out what is home while in different places. But I always try my images to be clean, and express emotions with simple elements.


Do you have a favourite photography related memory, whether it be in front or behind the camera? I owe so much to photography, because it is our memory. We build our history through images, either in paper or in our minds. Photography allows me to remember things the way I want to. And also allows me to approach things or people in a way that otherwise won ́ t be possible.


Who inspires you? Who are some of your favourite photographers? As in family issues, I love Francesca Woodman ́ s work and the truth in Nan Goldin ́ s images. I also admire the Chinese photographer Shen Wei, who is so elegant and melancholic through his portraits and landscapes. The use of the landscape of Nadav Kander is terrific. And so many many more.


What kind of camera do you use? I think the camera is not important, it is just a tool. I have different Nikons. I started with the NikonD60 when I was learning how to use a reflex. Then a NikonD90 and then a NikonD600, cause I already have the lenses. I also have a FujiX30 which is the one I carried with me on the latest trips, because is small and light. And so I use a lot my phone! So, really, any camera is good enough, if you can express yourself through.


Are there any tips you would like to give to anyone out there who would love to create similar style photos to yours? I think that photography is a great tool to express yourself. What I do is trying to explore my own world and the things and people that are close to me. I like them to be simple but intimate.


What would be your number one dream destination for a photography adventure? I love deserts. The light in there is so special and so the atmosphere. The silence, the colours. In those vast and empty spaces, I feel like home. I wish I can go to every single desert on Earth before I die.


The coolest place you've ever been? That ́s a difficult question. I would say Japan and Iceland. I fell in love with Japan at first sight. Itś so different yet so organized. You are learning every second. Itś a place where past, present and future are held together. And Iceland has a landscape which is just mind-blowing.

IMG_7053 copia.jpg

Do you have any upcoming photography trips that you would like to share? I'm going now to the southeast of Asia as a solo traveller for half a year. Let's see what I find there!


Anything extra you would like to share? Thanks so much for this interview. It was a pleasure to share this with everyone.

instagram - @elegede

family projects - www.elenagimenodones.com

travel diary - http://happinessisalongwayhome.tumblr.com

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