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Bernarda Conič

Bernarda Conič

Would you mind introducing yourself? My name is Bernarda Conič and I'm a freelance photographer and a graphic designer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I was born in the summer of 1992 in Ljubljana (The capital city of Slovenia) and haven't moved since. At the moment I am completing my master's thesis at the Academy of fine art and design, Ljubljana.

Bernarda’s Instagram - @nibera_35mm


How would you describe your style of photography and what inspires you? My photographs reflect my personality. I have always been a dreamer and I think that my photography reflects that. I mostly create (images of) landscapes which are dreamy and sometimes even surreal. I find inspiration in my abstract dreams and raw realistic nature and combine both with my imagination. Through the editing process, I express my feelings towards and felt at the places, that I have captured with the camera.


When did you first fall in love with taking photos? My father used to love all about cameras and photography. He bought me my first compact analog camera when I was only 8 years old. He took me to the zoo that day and I took my first photos on film. I still remember the day when my father came home with developed photos from the zoo. The smile on my face was priceless. I could say that this was the day when I developed my love for photography.


Do you have a favourite photography related memory, whether it be in front or behind the camera? I have some great memories from my high school. I studied photography at the High school for design and photography in Ljubljana. All 4 years had been all about photography. I have some great and funny memories from the darkroom and the studio. We were still kids back then and we were not very serious about it. It was all fun and games, but still, it was a great start. I really miss my high school and the time I have spent in a darkroom.


What kind of camera do you use? I use both, analog and digital camera. It depends on the project, which one I pick. For my landscape and nature photography, I use Nikon DSLR analog camera with different lenses. Most of the time I shoot on Fuji or Kodak film.


What's your editing process like? My editing process starts in my head. I visualize the final artwork before I take a photo. I usually plan ahead for what kind of landscape I need to photograph to realize my idea. When my film is developed and photos are scanned I just need an hour or two in editing software to finish one piece.


Are there any tips you would like to give to anyone out there who would love to create similar style photos to yours? Think more, shoot less.


What would be your number one dream destination for a photography adventure? I dream about Vinicunca mountain in Peru. It's on the other side of the globe and plane tickets are very expensive. I wish to go there someday.


Which time of year is your favourite for taking photographs? Every season is unique and I could not pick one of them. I love the sun and the sea but I also love the snow and the mountains.


The coolest place you've ever been? Hard decision but I am still very fascinated by the Atlas mountains in Morocco.


Do you have any upcoming photography trips/sessions that you would like to share? First, I have to finish my master thesis at the academy. If I manage to finish it on time and if I gather enough money than I will probably go on a road trip to Corsica island in July. The Corsica landscape combines high mountains and the sea, two things I love the most.


Anything extra you would like to share? In this interview, I am presenting my outdoor analog photography work, but I also do a lot of digital. I invite you to check out my digital and studio photography work: https://www.instagram.com/sava_photostudio/

That would be all. Thanks for reading!

Bernarda’s Instagram - @nibera_35mm

Bernarda’s Website - https://www.studio-sava.com/

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