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Zac Smith

Zac Smith

Would you mind introducing yourself? Hi! My name is Zac (@zksmth) and I'm an eighteen year old travel and lifestyle photographer based out of New Hampshire. I was born and raised just outside of New York City and moved to New England when I was twelve. In my opinion, this was the best thing that my parents ever did for me and is something that I am still thanking them for. I love where I live and I love the people I have been blessed to meet - all ultimately leading me to pick up my first camera.

Zac Smith River Canyon Hippo Magazine

When did you first fall in love with taking photos? My love for photography definitely began on Instagram. I had an Instagram just like any other kid my age and one day stumbled across a beautiful photo on the explore page that happened to have been taken on an iPhone. I scrolled through that person's photos and eventually one thing led to the next and before I knew it I was immersed in this whole side of Instagram that I never even knew existed. This was three winters ago and my family was driving up to the mountains most weekends to ski. So I pretty much just started taking tons of photos on my phone along the way!

Zac Smith Forest Road Hippo Magazine

Who/What inspires you to take these wonderful photographs? Short answer.. an overwhelming love and respect for our planet. Our natural world is very important to me, as it should be for everyone. We need the Earth to survive and every day we see it being destroyed more and more. This isn't okay. I have high hopes and visions for what humans could do to restore the Earth to it's natural state but for now I simply want to get out and experience it on both a physical and emotional level. Hopefully I can inspire others to do the same through my photographs.

Zac Smith Landscape Hippo Magazine

Are there any tips you would like to give for anyone out there who would love to create similar style photos to yours? The most important thing for any aspiring photographer to do would be to just get out and take photos all the time. The only way you are going to learn what's good and what sucks is by experimenting and learning from your errors. You'll also start to learn what subjects you like to shoot the most. Another thing is to really study the work of other artists that you love. Don't just say "wow that's a cool photo" and then move on. Actually stop and try to pinpoint what about it makes you like it so much. The way you define your own style is by incorporating all this inspiration and improving on it.

Zac Smith Waterfall Hippo Magazine

Who are some of your favourite photographers? These days I get stoked on the work that guys like Andrew Ross (@andyyross), Nick Carnera (@nickcarnera), and Dan Tom (@dantom) are putting out. It's just so dang good and makes me want to push to be even better at what I do.

What would be your number one dream destination for a photography adventure? Right now, probably Nepal.

Zac Smith Foggy Coast Hippo Magazine

Don't forget to follow Zac on Instagram (@zksmth), and be sure to check out his website (www.zacharyksmith.co) for more photos and info.

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